Recording Project Collaboration
2019 Spring Grantee
Hannah Reimann


Hannah Reimann’s music has spanned multiple genres from the time she was both teenage concert pianist and singer for the punk band, Kikigurushii, in Kyoto Japan. Her first performances as a pro singer in the late 1990’s included Bossa Nova songs that influenced her style as a songwriter and performer.

From 2017 – 2019, her songwriting dovetailed with her frequent concerts of the music of Joni Mitchell, a project she started in 2012.

The Café Royal Cultural Foundation Hamburg has awarded a music grant for Hannah to complete an EP of her new work
Mi Corazòn”.

The new EP will include:

Mi Corazòn, Doin’ Good, Coraçoes Partidos It Took Me So Long, You’ve Got a Broken Heart and a newly recorded Joni Mitchell song.

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Mi Corazòn” was originally recorded in 2000 as a simple piano and vocal ballad, Corazòn, for her album First Songs, the second song she wrote for commercial release. It grew out of work with violist Paul Coletti, performing and arranging the instrumental music of Astor Piazzolla whose Nuevo Tango pieces were a specialty of the duo team from 1993 – 2003. Corazòn, Latin in flavor and sung in English has been a favorite on XM / Sirius Radio Spa channel for over 15 years. 

In 2017, Hannah met Latin soul singer, songwriter and Universal recording artist Gonzalo Astaburuaga Allen, aka GO, in New York while he was working on recordings for his multi-album project. They began writing songs together and GO agreed to write Spanish lyrics for Mi Corazòn” as it is newly titled.

Three other songs, Doin’ Good (a pop rhumba), Coraçoes Partidos, based on a well-known Brazilian song, sung in both Portuguese and English and It Took Me So Long, in the vein of a Norah Jones-style piano ballad, are Hannah/Go originals that brought both writers delight and joyful invention in the studio.


Cafe Royal Cultural Foundation Hamburg, has granted a 2019 Spring musical grant to Hannah Reimann to complete her upcoming album "Mi Corazòn".

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“For Go and me, songwriting is a natural and free-flowing endeavor borne out of the spirit of friendship and sharing stories about our families, friends and life experiences. We quickly felt at ease with each other, sitting around my piano with a guitar, finishing each other’s sentences, sometimes laughing and sometimes arguing carefully. We had just met and we wanted to nurture the new friendship and work with mutual respect which brought us quick results.”

You’ve Got a Broken Heart, written by Hannah alone, is dedicated to the memory of her father, Dr. Peter Reimann, who died after years of living with dementia. Dr. Reimann is the subject of her documentary film, My Father’s House, a Journey of Love & Memory.  This experience also inspired a book of poetry, Poems from My Father’s House.


Cafe Royal Cultural Foundation Hamburg 2019 Spring Music Grant Awardee Hannah Reimann

Both Sides Now, The Music of Joni Mitchell 1966 – 1974, the recent show featuring songs from the first six albums of the iconic Joni Mitchell, has been Hannah’s labor of love and a healing force while she was caring for her dad and following his death in 2014. When caregiving took over her life and threatened her own health, she turned to Joni’s songs for solace and self-care because there was no time at the piano to write her own songs. She wrote poems in the middle of the night and decided to sing the album, Blue, in its entirety in 2012, leading to an exploration and study of more than 30 songs by Mitchell from this period.

An uncanny interpreter of Mitchell’s canon.
— New Yorker

Hannah is in the process of selecting one song written by Joni Mitchell that will compliment the other songs on the EP and reflect her life and musical experiences from this period.

Please visit Hannah’s Instagram, Facebook and Twitter for more information.