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“Music is a higher revelation than all wisdom and all philosophy. Music is the electrical soil in which the spirit lives, thinks and invents.” - Ludwig van Beethovan

Café Royal Cultural Foundation NYC will award music production grants to artists in all genres of music looking to undertake the production of a full-length audio recording. Grants will assist with producer costs, if the project is not self-produced, and costs associated with recording, mixing, editing and mastering of artists’ projects at world-renowned Flux Studios in New York City, or at a Café Royal Cultural Foundation approved recording location.

Description: Music production grants to support artists in all genres of music.  Production comprises the recording, mixing, editing and mastering of artist projects. 

Deadline: December 16, 2019. The award for our August 1st deadline will be announced mid - September 2019.

Amounts: Up to $30,000.00 

Eligibility: Artists in all genres of music. Composition for the proposed recording must be completed by the application deadline. Grants will not be made for the purpose of commissions to composer(s). The applicant must be the originator of the majority of the material for the recording.

Projects seeking funding solely for CD manufacturing are not eligible for funding. Please do not include costs related to design/art work, distribution, marketing and public relations. Completed recording projects are not eligible. A small portion of the work may be completed in home-based facilities, but these costs are not eligible for support in this category. Grants awarded in this category do not fund costs associated with the writing/composition of new work.

Artist(s) applying must be a current resident of New York City and have lived there for a minimum of one year prior to applying.

The processing time of application can take up to three months. Please make sure to submit your application with ample time before the start date of your project. 

Review Procedures:
Funding decisions will be made by the Café Royal Cultural Foundation executive committee. The following criteria will be applied in evaluating grant proposals:

  • Quality of the music and the importance of the project to the recording performance

  • Artistic quality and performance of the performer(s) to be recorded

  • Feasibility of the recording project, including financial and other arrangements made with a recording company, timetable for the production and release of the recording, plans for distribution and promotion, and any commitment from other funders. Please note you do not need to be signed with a record label to apply for this grant.

  • Artistic excellence, accomplishment to date, and the promise of future achievements in music

Application Requirements: 

  • Up to and no more than three .mp3 song example links for the Café Royal Cultural Foundation executive committee to download and listen to. We will also accept a link to artists’ private Spotify or SoundCloud playlist - with no more than three songs.

  • A short description of the project.

  • A short artistic biography of the person(s) involved Ex: performers, musicians, producers.

  • List of costs that the grant money can be used for
    Producer fees
    Musician(s) fees - excluding the applicant(s)
    Recording fees
    Must not exceed the amount of $30,000.00 You cannot pay yourself artist fees.  Do not include any fees related to the applicant(s) in the project budget.


Click on the apply button to download the application. Once completed, please e-mail application to

We accept applications all year round. Applications will only be received by e-mail. The processing time of application can take up to three months. Please make sure to submit your application with ample time before the start date of your project and please refrain from inquiries in the meantime.

Applications for our next round will be available soon, until then feel free to sign up below information on our upcoming music grant and we will contact you when the new application is available.